Alert: This statement is NOT about Corona Virus 
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Customers, Partners and Investors,

Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 was a scheduled flight from New York to Miami on December 29, 1972. This subsequent crash is studied by safety experts and business leaders alike. The crash, which killed 101, occurred while the entire cockpit crew was preoccupied with a burned-out landing gear indicator light. They failed to notice that the autopilot had inadvertently been disconnected and, as a result, the aircraft gradually lost altitude and crashed.

Right now, we need to be aware, keep ourselves and others safe by our actions, but still focus on issues in the world that have not gone away.  


Customers, Partners, and Investors, we know something about viruses.  The viruses we know are cyber in nature. They are still being used to hold cities, counties, and business data hostage, infect supply chain and hurt people economically.  The race is on to resolve our current infectious diseases and our role in cybersecurity has not changed. We will continue to be engineers, software developers, security specialists looking out for these vulnerabilities that have not gone away.  


A good measure of our industry is to look at what new vulnerabilities exist since the breakout of Covid 19 in China.  That number is 10,679. We still have work to do and our role more than ever is to safeguard infrastructure. Take the time to protect yourselves and your family and communicate with friends and colleagues while remaining focused with full view from your cockpit.


Protect and lockdown with GearBox.

-Steve Kiss

CEO Infrastructure Proving Grounds