GearBox Architecture combines the best of Security, Flexibility and Ease of Use.

Engineered for unique and diverse requirements of Operational (OT) and Industrial (I-IoT) network settings, GearBox is highly capable and secure end to end solution.

GearBox can be deployed in a one to one or many to many model, with assessments and scans performed on demand on as a scheduled routine. 


Data from the scans is accessible from the cloud application and can be tuned to specific audiences based on their role and access level within the application.

In today's OT and I-Iot settings, Security, Flexibility and Ease of Use are paramount in achieving a resilient and secure operational network.  The GearBox Solution Systems Architecture considers:

- Network Firewalls 

- Performance and Vulnerability Scanning

- Logging services  

- Harden TCP/IP Support Infrastructure

- Cloud Security Verification

Asynchronous communication between the GearBox Appliance and GearBox cloud applications provides tremendously flexible and secure use case opportunities.  Whether it be commissioning projects, cyber-security audits, penetration testing, ongoing management or federal compliance reporting, The GearBox systems architecture ensures you are able to meet the requirement while maintaining the integrity of your OT and I-Iot networks.