Hello GearBox

Simple. Powerful. Cybersecurity.


What Is GearBox?

GearBox is a cybersecurity subscription service providing performance and vulnerability reports for IoT devices,  industrial and operational technology settings.

Simply connect GearBox to a network, enter the IP range to be assessed and click the scan button. Powerful data and reports are available in minutes, not weeks.


GearBox eliminates the need for

costly hardware and complex

software server builds.


Customers and Partners


The GearBox Solution

Key Features

Appliance Based - no complex server build

Push Button Launch - easy web-based configuration

Powerful In-App Data Processing - no more exporting required

Performance and Vulnerability  Reporting - integrated tool for IoT

Logical Network Topologies - policy notification

Easy Acquisition


assessment, commissioning, and compliance


use across multiple networks and locations


continuous monitoring and alerting