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Modern smartphones come with a lot of features and can handle most tasks that were initially preserved for computers. For instance, you can run applications with your smartphone, browse the internet, and even connect to networks, among others.

This has led to the growing popularity of smartphones worldwide. Unfortunately, they have become a target for cybercriminals looking for access to their victim’s data. They are even used when gaining access to systems used by other organizations.

For example, cybercriminals are using smartphones when hacking institutions such as banking institutions. They send messages using their victim’s phones authorizing access to the institution’s information. Learning about phone hacking and the things hackers can do is important to ensure that you are protected.

Here are a few things you need to know;

How to Spot if a Phone Has Been Hacked

The most important thing you need to know is how to spot if your phone has been hacked. This is essential in helping you get rid of the hackers before they can steal valuable information from the phone.

If you notice things like faster battery drainage, faster data usage, sluggish performance, suspicious pop-ups, poor network connections, and unauthorized texts or calls, then your Android phone may have been hacked.

You can take different measures to secure your phone. One of them could be downloading a security app from your app store. You can also change all your passwords, uninstall any suspicious applications, or factory reset the phone.

Hackers Can Learn About Your Computer’s Pressed Keys

This is something that most smartphone users do not know. Modern phones come with a tilt detector that flips your phone depending on how you are holding the phone. This feature has advanced to include a more complicated sensor known as the accelerometer.

Once your phone has been hacked, cybercriminals can use this sensor to read your computer’s keyboard vibrations when you are typing. However, the phone has to be placed near your computer.

With this, the hackers can use mathematical algorithms, and the information obtained using the sensors to calculate your key presses and gain access to sensitive information. This could be your passwords, bank accounts, and other details.

Hackers Can Steal Your Money

Zip, PayWave, Fitbit Pay, Apple Pay, and Android Pay are some of the modern and most popular modes of payment we have today. We are all talking about contactless cards and how they are transforming the financial industry.

They come with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Chip) which makes it easier for people to shop online. However, since thieves cannot pickpocket from you now, they have also advanced in technology and are doing so digitally.

Hackers use NFC (Near Field Communications) that comes with modern phones to read and transmit your RFID information once they hack your phone. They will also scan for any RFID credit cards and use this information for purposes of cloning your credit cards. You might end up losing a lot of money without knowing. This is one of the cybercrimes to beware of in the digital world.

Hackers Can Use Your Phone to Hack Others

Did you know that hackers can use your phone to hack other phones or system applications after gaining control of the phone? Well, the first step is usually hacking your phone. After that, they will control it and can send messages, emails, or even make calls.

They can send spam and malware from your phone to your contacts, ensuring that the recipients cannot identify the original source of the malware. If one of these contacts loses sensitive information or is impersonated, you will be responsible.

This kind of attack is known as a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. It makes it possible for hackers to launch targeted attacks. You can avoid these kinds of attacks by securing your networks, using VPNs, and installing applications from known sources.

Hackers Can Map Your House

Technology advancements have led to the development of thousands if not millions of mobile applications. Today, you can get a mobile app for almost everything, ranging from communication to socializing, transportation, food, and leisure, among others.

Some people will download applications without even checking the source of the app or what the app can do. This is a mistake committed by smartphone owners. They do not know that such applications can be a gateway for cybercriminals to gain access to their personal lives.

But how? Some of these applications come with a hidden camera feature that can take videos and photographs when invoked by the hacker. They will learn everything about you before they strike with blackmail and other criminal demands.

Knowing all these things is important when it comes to creating awareness about phone hacking. It will also help you protect yourself from cybercriminals.

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