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Empowering next-gen innovators through Point.IoT

The world is fighting with novel coronavirus, governments are working tirelessly to provide the best healthcare facilities to prevent citizens from infection and to save those who are already infected. In such a scenario, technology innovation are steadily making a difference to healthcare systems. Countries are mustering all resources at their disposal and deploying cutting-edge technology to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 and profile people at risk. Internet of Things (IoT), in particular, and along with other technologies like Cloud and AI, is of great use during the crisis. Like for example, connected thermometers are helping to screen people with symptoms, connected wearables are helping to provide constant monitoring of vital signs, including temperature, heart rate and blood oxygen levels, IoT button are another example that is helping send alerts to the management of cleaning or maintenance issues that may pose risks to public safety. Internet of Things (IoT), has extensive applicability in numerous areas, not just in healthcare. From building smart cities to connected cars and smart wearables, etc. IoT is like a neuron which spreads all across the system and senses beats and helps to respond to the need in real-time. Looking at such usefulness of IoT, SpaceTec Partners have introduced Point.IoT, empowering IoT innovation with Galileo technologies. A programme that gives you access to industry experts, tailor-made training and the right advice to transform your ideas into reality. Aim of Point.IoT When combined with satellite navigation technologies like Galileo, IoT solutions can bring even more value to industry. Using Galileo allows more reliable and accurate positioning, and its increased availability enables IoT devices to determine their position even in demanding urban environments. Careful thought and extensive investigation into where Galileo can make a positive impact on IoT solutions resulted to this innovative new programme that aims to support IoT developers and entrepreneurs. Point.IoT has been designed to empower innovation using Galileo and IoT technologies, solve industry problems, support innovators and entrepreneurs to develop next-gen IoT solutions using Galileo technologies. This program will enable entrepreneurs and developers to design and build a new business proposition for GNSS enabled IoT devices and provide technical and business development to 10 unique IoT solutions every year. Start-ups and Individuals who are IoT developers, hardware engineers, sensor hardware engineers, data scientists, software engineers, embedded software engineers, telematics engineers, satellite engineers, GNSS specialists, GNSS data technicians, GIS data technicians, Researchers and Students can participate in this programme. For the programme applicants be assessed on following criteria: Market potential: Does the solution have strong market potential? Level of innovation: Does the solution demonstrate a high level of innovation? Technical feasibility: Is the technology implemented in the solution ready for development? Business model: Does the solution have a clear commercialization strategy? Sustainability of the project: Is the solution supported by a strong and proven set of skills amongst the team? Quality of the proposal: Does the application demonstrate a high level of preparation and consideration for the programme? Structure of Point.IoT The programme kicks off with a two-day action-packed bootcamp in Paris, France where teams learn essential tools for their work ahead. After this, they will be provided three-month virtual sprint and one-on-one coaching from industry experts to ensure their solutions are both technically robust and strategically positioned for market success. Point.IoT will also provide entrepreneurs and developers with a set of publicly available tools to design and build a new business proposition for GNSS enabled IoT devices like a custom-built MOOC that will provide foundation training sessions to support IoT solutions utilizing Galileo. In this programme, European industry experts will share their knowledge and skills with Point.IoT participants and the wider public. Launching in July 2020, the Point.MOOC will comprise of eight business sessions and six technical sessions, empowering IoT entrepreneurs with the tools they need to bring their innovative ideas to life. Participants will also get a free playbook that empowers promising IoT and GNSS entrepreneurs to unlock business opportunities in the expanding IoT market. The Point.Entrepreneur Playbook will be available in June 2020 and will feature a series of self-directed sprints, customer challenges, product and service, business design guidelines and instructions on how to pitch like a pro. The programme will ends with a demo day where the most talented team will be awarded cash prize of €20,000 or their first corporate customer. You can apply to Point.IoT through on

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