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Everything Is Connected: Understanding The Internet Of Things

While lawyers have a reputation for being tech-averse, there are some emerging issues the industry can’t afford to ignore.

These days, we’re looking into the implications of using the metaverse for work. The pandemic era has also ushered in changes in business practices that have brought technology to the forefront of even the slowest-changing firms.

When it comes to business risk, however, few areas present the complex challenges raised by the Internet of Things (IoT) — the interconnected system of computing devices incorporated into an ever-increasing number of everyday products.

Items as varied as pacemakers, cars, and refrigerators connected to the Internet allow for massive-scale data collection and processing — creating security and privacy risks for both businesses and individuals.

If all this connectivity — and its legal implications — feels overwhelming, you’re not alone. Lawyers today are required to learn and navigate, and sometimes even create, a whole new legal framework when it comes to dealing with the IoT.

To help you understand these novel legal issues, PLI is offering a one-day program entitled Internet of Things 2022: Everything Is Connected.

This program will cover some of the hottest topics and technologies related to the IoT today, including:

  • Autonomous vehicles and how they’re navigating both the road and cyberspace

  • Open source software and why using it needs to be well thought out

  • Best practices from regulated healthcare devices on and under the skin

  • How small IoT devices can create huge risks given their complex cybersecurity and privacy implications

  • How to avoid litigation, liability, and insurance loss from using the IoT

Whether you’re a general practitioner or a tech lawyer, a security professional or a privacy officer, it’s critical to stay on top of the IoT’s constantly evolving legal and technological landscape. Register today to learn more.

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