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METROLINK TRAIN HITS AN ARIPLANE. Now that is shockingly newsworthy.

Recently I was in a meeting where someone indicated that IoT is not well understood by small investors. Industrial IoT continues to make our world better with the promise of safer water, more efficient air travel, better healthcare, and increased production efficiency. But how do you explain the value and promise of Industrial IoT?

Admittedly, papers on the Industrial Internet of Things start the same dry way:

“50 Billion new industrial devices, which will make our world more energy-efficient, more reliable, and safer. “

This weekends Example: Safer Rail through IoT


Now that is shockingly newsworthy. 700+ people are killed at rail crossings every year. The application of IoT technology developed for positive train control promises to make our world safer. PTC is an IoT technology that was mandated to reduce the deaths and injuries from:

- Train-to-train collisions.

- Derailments caused by excessive train speed.

- Train movements through misaligned track switches.

and unauthorized train entry into work zones.

But the wise application of the same tech will undoubtedly make its way into rail crossing systems.

Metrolink’s PTC system combines GPS, wireless radio, and computing technology to send up-to-date visual and audible information, and notify train crew members when a train must be slowed or stopped. If an engineer does not respond to the PTC warning system, onboard computers will activate the brakes and safely stop the train.

In the meantime, pilots just need to remember to maintain the proper plane/train separation and sequencing.

More reading:

Background, the Federal Railroad Administration’s Positive Train Control (PTC) requirements were included in The Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

-A good discussion of the PTC architecture from Railway Age

Metrolink was the first passenger rail system to have system-wide adoption of PTC

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