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Utilizing IoT Applications for Reopening Safe and Secure Workplaces

More than one year after companies were forced to transition to a remote workstyle due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a return to the office is underway. According to PwC’s recent U.S. Remote Work Survey of 133 company executives and 1,200 office workers across the United States, 75% of executives anticipate that at least half of employees will be back physically working in the office by July 2021.

As businesses resume normal operations, IoT applications will be instrumental in helping human resources departments and facility managers protect their employees by delivering solutions to promote healthy and safe workspaces. Current workplaces are actively mitigating health and safety risks such as facility hygiene, social distancing, contact tracing, occupancy control, and information privacy by locating, detecting, and monitoring data wirelessly with its IoT applications and an ecosystem of integrated products designed to safeguard the health of workers and deliver a secure work environment. As the economy continues to recover, we’ll increasingly witness more organizations leveraging the IoT to bring back workers to the office safely.

To better understand how these technologies are monitoring and helping prevent COVID-19 safety risks, refer to the 5 Considerations for Reopening Safe and Secure Workplaces infographic below:

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